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Happy Wednesday beauties, so unless you frequent my twitter chances are it may have escaped you that I had my hair cut over the weekend. I've had a nightmare with hairdressers in the past so I wanted to tell you all about the place I get my hair chopped and refreshed as I finally found somewhere that treats my hair right.

Growing up finding a hairdresser that was willing to deal with my riddiculously frizzy thick hair was hard. Throughout my school days getting my hair cut was not an experience that I liked in the slightest that was until  the Hairworks Salon. I first went there back in 2007 and have not looked back since.

I went for a complete drastic change to any look that I have before. Over the past couple of years my hair has been a bit on the thin side due to a horrible diet and being ill. Luckily it back on the bend but I decided to chop half of it off to help it along the way.

My hair is naturally wavy and I decided instead of straightening it or wanting straight hair to embrace it and just define of the curls in my hair instead. Nicola first washed and treated my hair with a conditioning treatment she sells in store to get rid of any gunk in your hair leaving it feeling healthy and smooth and before drying it while the hair was damp she applied a hair oil called precious oil. I haven't herd of it before but it does wonders for taming fizzy hair. It took about an hour (which considering I have unruly hair is good going ) which went by so fast. I honestly did not want to leave the salon so soon. I had all of this done for just £33 which is an absolute bargain.

Now thats my hair out of the way, I thought I would tell you about the place behind where my transformation takes place.

The hair works salon is run by business woman and mother Nicola who is one of the most friendliest, bubbly real people you will meet. I often go in unsure of what I want done to my hair which doesn't scare me as I know Nicola will understand the vague look I want and make it look good for me. She also doesn't beat around the bush and will tell you if a style doesn't suit you which I like as it means she is passionate about her job and wanting the person to leave the salon feeling happy and content.

When you first walk in the salon it smells heavenly full of nice aromas from the treatments she is using on her customers. You get asked if you would like a cup of tea while you get your hair did and just relax while Nicola works her magic.

If you live near the area or even a bit further out but looking for a place to get your hair done I would highly recommend checking The hair works salon out. There are some pictures of other looks such as Ombre hair, hair do's for special occasions and a few others on her Facebook page.

*Disclaimer: Don't want to dampen the post but need to point out I was not asked to write this by Nicola or anyone at the hairworks salons. In fact it was me who asked Nicola if I could write this post as I really enjoy every visit there and wanted to share it with you all. 

Lots of love
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