Wednesday Ramblings | Essence hits the UK!

As a self confessed beauty junkie I love discovering new brands that I haven't herd off before. Just when you think you have the beauty counters in boots down boom another one launches that sends hair down your spine and that is exactly what is happen when I found out Essence is coming to the UK.

Essence is a German brand which screams fun, colour and excitement. The stands are jam packs with blue mascara, scented nails and lips to name a few of their products. The essence stand reminds me of being a kid and just playing around with make up. You know when you just sit and paint your face without a particular look at once.

It is quite a big make up brand all across Europe with leading products such as their 'I love extreme' volume mascara and their new 'Long Lasting Matte lip effect' Intrigued? so was I!

Another thing that excite me is the price range. They have products ranging from £1.99 - £5.99 so perfect if you are a young teenager wanting to delve in to the world of make up or a student on a budget.

So where can you find this deliciousness in the UK? Essence UK is sold  across 200 Wilko stores nationwide. They also have a big stand in WestFeild in London and for you all Mancunians There are two places you get your hands on them. The Wilkinson in the Arndale as well as it's own stand out stand on the top floor.

I was lucky enough to be shown the brand and  see some of their products by the lovely people at Essence so expect some reviews coming up in the upcoming months.

With the cutest packaging full of quirkiness and colour it is worth looking in too. 

Have you tried essence before?

Lots of love
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