The Sunday Post | My week #25

Instagram Pictures - Not a week goes by without a selfie, Lipstick addict - the contents of my make up bag, New day - New read, my lovely blogging ladies (Rachel, Katie and Michelle)

Currently Reading - Geek Girl by Holly Smale  (Fun easy to read kind of book)
Currently Watching - Orange is the new black. (I am obsessed and loving this series) 
Currently Listening too - Podcasts (I've been looking in to getting in to podcasts so I've been searching around giving a few a listen) 

Five blogs/ Vlogs - Sister Style Swap - Make up by Mandy (Just because I think it is a really cool idea! It would be fun to see what me and my sister would come up with) | Tips for mums how to help with social anxiety - Liza (Great tips for anyone who suffers from social anxiety | How not to go broke and save money - Brit Pop Princess | Marilyn Monroe's top shelf - Into the gloss (Slightly Controversial but very interesting to read | Inside my salon, A hairdressers best tools - Hello Giggles (Because I am getting in to hair products and this was too the point and full of the information I craved)

This week has been slightly busy, my grandmother from Canada is visiting us (in fact she is in the room with me right now) so I have been busy getting the house all sorted for her. I am also in the midst of changing my room which is becoming a very slow process but I want to do it properly so if that means it takes a while then so be it.

How has your week been? 

Lots of love
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