The Sunday Post | My week #22

Instagram Pictures: Make up Monday, Style Saturday, Red brightens up my ay, feel good quote (If you want to see more you can find me on instagram @Naffy91)

Currently watching: Nashville (absolutely hooked on this show) I am actually watching it as I type this post.
Currently listening too: I haven't listened to much at the moment but the new Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert is pretty awesome.
Currently reading: Insurgent! I only just started reading this a few days ago

Five blogs/ vlogs: Alexa Chung Tutorial ft Alexa Chung - Lisa Eldridge (Do I really need to explain this?! Ahmazing) | Arabic themed make up look - Make up A -Z (Just stunning beautiful make up) | Blogging - keeping organised and motivated - Lily Pebbles (Can totally relate to this video) | My depression looks nothing like a Zoloft commercial - Hello Giggles (Because I know what depression looks and feel likes and this is pretty spot on) | How to land a job in social media - Hello Giggles (Easy to the point advice) 
Lots of love
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