The Sunday Post | My week #20

Instagram Pictures: Quotes, new lip balm love, train selfies, patterned hijabs, New read, Guilty pleasures. (My instagram is Naffy91 if you want to see more pictures)

Currently Watching - NCIS LA (I watched a few of these all together with my parents aha)
Currently Listening -  Lucy Hale's album - If you love country music, you will love this
Currently Reading - Divergent (Omg, so so so many feels, how have I only just read it)

Top 5 vlogs and blogs of the week - Life update - Gemsmaquilage (I love how Gemma opened up about a lot of difficult topics. Being a 'blogger' I know how daunting it can be to publish those kind of posts so I have huge admiration for her) | Beauty Scrapbooking - Girl on beauty (Amazing idea!) | Clarins Preview sale - Miss Budget Beauty (I've never herd a preview sale before but I am excited) | MAC lipstick collection - Kaushal beauty (Beautiful beautiful editing) | Costa Rica - A beautiful Mess (Proof I need to do some exploring and that Iphone's take beautiful pictures)

This week has been up and down. Aside from working I have been a bit ill but I am getting better. I've been doing some wardrobe sprucing and trying to make my bedroom a place I can call my own. After 3 years of being away of uni my room kind of disappeared. Two laters and I am trying to get it back. I got to spend time with some of my favourite people yesterday. Me, my dad and sister got to spend saturday together and it was a great day even if it was raining!

What did you do this week?

Lots of love
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