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If you are a oldie around this part of the internet, chances are you already know my love for the skincare brand Origins and particularly their Ginzing eye cream and moisturiser. So when I found out that they would be adding their Ginzing refreshing scrub cleanser to the range I knew I had to have it and give it a try.

As with the rest of the Ginzing range the scrub promises to make your skin look smoother and brighter while unclogging your pores. I am lucky that I don't have problematic pores so I can't tell you if they actually unclog them but in terms of brightening and softening your skin is definitely something I would say that it does. I've been using this in the morning to revitalise my skin ready for the day (I wake up a quite a while before I actually need to put any make up or anything) and can feel it working on the skin wonderfully.

It contains Panax Ginzing, Jojoba and Canauba wax which adds a softness to the scrub which means if you have sensitive skin it is still worth looking too. I will say though that the beads are soft and there are times I can feel them working on my skin so if you don't anything abrasive on your face that is something you should consider.

The zesty, orangey freshness that we know and love from the range is still going strong in the cleanser making it a perfect wake me up in the morning treat for your face. The scent is a huge reason I like using this in the morning as it instantly perks you up especially at this time of year.

I don't use this to take my make up off as I like the routine I have for that but on the days I am not wearing any make up (which is more frequent than you think) I use this to cleanse my face.

All in all it is another winner from Origins and I am exciting to see what other plans they may have to expand their Ginzing range. 

Lots of love
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