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If you are an old hag around these parts of the internet, chances are you will have seen this mascara on my wishlist a couple of times so when I got my hands on it I was incredible excited to give it a go.

Lancome Hypnose  waterproof mascara is a thickening voluminising mascara for dramatic statement lashes. It has a curved wand which allows you to really get in to the roots of the lashes and in to the inner corners although I did find that to be a bit hard. I really like the wand, I should point out though, I have small eyes and sometimes it can be a bit big so that is something to remember incase that would bother you.

The formula is dry which is where the mascara gets it volume and thickness from. I enjoy this kind of formula as opposed to the wet formula which feels slightly on the tackier to me personally. The formula applies very easily on the eyes, coating the lashes and is a pleasure to use.

When I bought this, I intending to only use it on special occasions as it is on the expensive side of mascara and would fall in love with it but I loved it so much I wear it very regularly and kind of scared of it of running out.

Drugstore Mascaras are on the money, there are really good quality so although I would 100% repurchase this I may save it for times when I have some extra money to spend or if there is a sale around christmas time. I do want to try the Doll Eyes version of the hypnose mascara as the wand for that is rather interesting too.

Sometimes you build up how good a product will be in your head you worry it won't live up to your expectations but I have to say this definitely lived up to everything I thought it would be.

I did purchase this for £10.00 when Debenhams had a hypnose birthday sale but it regularly retails £22:00 at all Lancome counters. It is definitely worth it if you have had your eye on it for a long time like me as it doesn't let you down.

Lots of love
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