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As the weather is changing I felt like I need to change up my skincare a little bit so you can expect a few more skincare posts on the blog.

Even though for the most part the weather is picking up, my skin still feels as dehydrated as ever. I don't know what it is (probably lack of water which I am working on) so I decided to try the Clarins Hydraquench cream gel.

Clarins Hydraquench range is specially formulated for dehydrated skin but is suitable for all skin times. It provides a layer on moisture on your face that instantly absorbs leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth.

They have different formula's of the cream from a gel to one containing SPF. (I apply a SPF before my makeup FYI Hence why this did not bother me) I personally prefer gel moisturisers as they are lightweight and do not feel greasy or oily on your skin like regular moisturisers do.

It doesn't have a fragrance which is good if you have sensitive skin as products which have added fragrance can aggrivate the skin. If anything it just feels really fresh and rejuvinating on the skin which is pleasant in the morning and in the evening before bed.

I use this at the end of my skincare routine in the morning and evening and it is my favourite thing to do as it feels like my skin has lapped up a bowl of water making it feel prepped and healthy. Ingrediants wise, it is not the most 'natural' but it works for my skin and I have to say I do enjoy using it.

AT £35 it is definitely an investment but I don't mind spending a bit extra on skincare that works and save in other areas of life (like clothes and make up) If you do want a bit of a saving you can check out sales from All Beauty for £28 which is where I got it from and although I was a bit weary of this at first it is completely safe to use. I haven't seen bad reviews online, other bloggers have used it and the product is brand new. The cream can packaged exactly the way in which you would receive it from a Clarins Counter (You can use your boots card FYI to get extra boots points ;) ) 

Out of all the mositurisers I have used (and I have used a few) this is a my top 3. Fellow dehydrated skin girls, the Clarins HydraQuench range has your back.

Lots of love
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