Make Up Monday | The creamy pink eye

Happy Monday morning loves, I know I know the title of this post sounds like some funky eye infection but it is in fact a nice summery eye look I have been loving lately.

My love for cream shadows is well documented on the blog (see evidence here and here) so I figured it was about time I showed you how I use them.

To get a nice daytime pink I can mix two shades together. I first take Pink Gold which is a Maybelline Colour Tattoo all over the lids as a base. It doesn't need too much to set and it doesn't crease easily on lids which is why I love it.

I then go in with my creme de la creme of cream eye shadows RSVP by Benefit Cosmetics which is more of a champagney shade rather than a pink and place it in the centre of the lids. This brightens the looks and your eyes up.

Depending on the end look I sometime go back in with the pink gold with the flat end of the Urban Decay Three to define my eyes a bit more in the crease.

And there you have it quick and easy eye look that doesn't take a day and age which lasts a long time.

Do you have a favourite cream eye shadow?

Lots of love
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