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Kimono Loving
So I don't normally fall for trends wholeheartedly and but one that I recently tried and like has to be kimono's. My sister has a couple so I tried them on and liked the way they flowed so decided I may need them in my life. I did some window shopping online and thought I would share with you some of one the I have my eye on.

New Look Black Kimono | Buy Here
I love black, it just goes with everything and in my comfort zone so when I saw this I fell in love with it. It is just a nice stable piece that you could wear casually with a grey T-Shirt and Jeans or even to work with a smart white shirt and black pants. 

New Look Kimono Blazer | Buy Here
Another time of Kimono that you could we are to work. I think this is more of a blazer but in the material and print of a Kimono and looks really nice! I can imagine it structuring well to many differant body shapes. 

ASOS Floral black Kimono 
I am usually not a floral person or a loud prints kind of girl but the black against this just works. It allows it to give the illusion of not being a busy as you may think so won't turn too many heads when you are wearing it. 

ASOS busy floral blazer 
This is a lot more busier but with the pastel again help with the tone of the whole kimono and can be work with jeans, even pink pants if you wanted. 

As I mentioned I am not a huge fan on patterns on me personally (On others I think they look absolutely stunning) so I like more subtle ones so if you are like me I hope this helped you a little bit. 

Are you a fan of Kimono's? 

Lots of love
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