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Happy Friday my loves! it is that time of year where many of you will be graduating. Aside from the stages of feelings you are having from relief to anxious one of the things on your mind will be celebrating your achievement (if it isn't it should be!) and rightly so. Having been there, I thought I would give you some tips on how to make the process stress free.

My actual graduation celebration was actually a surprise from my family but I have organised similar ones so the tips I have still apply.

TIP 1 - List Making
I am a huge fan of lists. I would have a few on the go one that was a action list so the errands I have to do and a couple of others for example a food list and a decoration list. You can do the lists the way you want too it s just the way I do them. Marie Folio actually did a fantastic video on making lists which could be useful if you don't write them as much or just do not find them as productive. 

Tip 2 - Keep it simple
If you are just inviting your family and some close friends keep it simple. I am not talking about size (I am blessed with a huge extended family so that is always out of the question for me) What I mean is in terms of the decor. You don't want to have to spend a lot of money on things that you may not use ever again and you also want to enjoy yourself without wondering if someone broke that glass vase you brought especially for the party. Remember your friends and family will be there to celebrate YOU and YOUR achievement. They didn't come to see an overdone party room. I also personally found that simplicity actually looks a lot nicer and tasteful too.

Tip 3 - Food
A good celebration comes with good food. They generally go hand in hand especially an event like a graduation where the chances are there will be cake. (Any excuse!) We had a range of food from like pasta, pizza to nibbles that were laid out in a buffet style. Buffets are good because everyone can eat calmly and you don't have to worry about serving everyone. Decorate the buffet table with some lovely cloths and maybe some confetti and don't forget to have the plates and cutlery on the table for people to help themselves too.

Tip 4 - Getting ready
I looked a mess on my graduation evening. I am not going to lie. I had just come back from London like an hour or so before and it was only my family who 90% of the time see me as a hot mess. (There is a reason my sister is called the model of the family and I am not aha ) but planning ahed would be useful here. Just like on your birthday or a big celebration where you would plan your look in advance, the same applies here. It doesn't have to be fancy it can be just a simple look you wear on a regular basis but planning ahead means that you are able to save on time and not worry about how fabulous you look.

All in all graduation is a fabulous achievement and one you should be proud off so embrace it, let it happen. Enjoy your day. 
Lots of love
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