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Happy Friday! In the UK the weather is causing some what of a confusion. One day it will be absolutely brilliant full of sun and you can go out of the wearing sandals on your feet and just as you are getting happy the sun is arriving you can be met with grey clouds and rain. All of this can raise havoc on your skin and your health so here are some of my tips to keeping you feeling and looking good.

Drink Orange Juice
This is more to prevent your immune system falling suspect to a cold but drinking even just half a glass everyday can give you the boost your body needs as it is filled with vitamins C. It will also help your skin look fresh and perky.

Drink Water
I don't really need to go through this for you all as I am sure you are not stupid but try adding a bit more h2o in to your life for over all wellness. This is something I am personally working on too (I need to drink it more)

Berry it up
Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries are good for your insides providing you with great nutrients and vitamins that your body rely on such as vitamin C, minerals as well as boosting your immunity. They are also a good source of antibiotics which helps give you clear skin. 

Eat your greens 
You've herd it all before the green stuff is good for you. The darker the better. I love spinach perfect in a curry or in a sandwich with a couple of turkey slices.

It seems babyish to tell you all this but honestly I noticed it make such a massive difference to my skin so I really wanted to share all of these tips with you.

Personally, I find summer a good time to try these good. They are fresh at this time of year so that means it will taste a lot better so you can get use to eating them before winter comes around. 

Lots of love
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