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Happy Wednesday, hope you're all having a wonderful week. On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to see some of the new releases coming from The Body Shop and had to share them with you because I know you will love them too.

The first thing is their Raspberry range. If you know me, you will know that I am obsessed with Raspberries so I was really excited to see this range. It is a limited edition scent which includes an incredible body scrub which unlike traditional scrubs looks like Raspberry Jam (which I happen to absolutely love), they also have their favourite body butter and Eu De Toilette in the raspberry scent. It is perfect for this time of year because it is so fresh and light. If you want something that is not very floral based but not spicy either this is one for you.

Another exciting new launch coming out this month is their new All in one Instablur primer. This reminded me very much of the Benefit Porefessional but with more of a smooth texture. I didn't actually think I would like this but when I tested it on my hand it literally left my hand feeling velvety smooth.

For those of you with acne prone skin, The Body Shop have also expanded their Tee Tree Oil range by including a flawless BB creme for this warm weather. It gives you light happy coverage while treating your skin. I have herd a lot of good things about the Tee Tree range (the Tee Tree Primer is a cult favourite) so this is worth looking in too.

Some other things on my list to try from the Body is their Honey Bronzer which I have had my eye on for a while as well their cleansing oil which Amelia Liana absolutely loves. The Preston store also have Caroline Hirrons picks on display too which I would recommend looking at if you feel overwhelmed by everything The Body Shop has to offer.

Thank you to the lovely Rachelle for letting us look at all the new things The Body Shop has to offer. I for one cannot wait to make big purchase soon. Let me know if you would like to see a mini haul as I definitely will be getting some things from their online store.

(sorry for the lack of pictures, aside from visiting the beautiful shop, the day took some unexpected turns but I plan to visit again soon so will take some more)

Lots of love
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