The Sunday Post | My Week #17

Instagram Pictures: Make up <3, Quote of the week, New Purchase, #SelfieSaturday (Check out some more of my pictures on my instagram page @Naffy91) 

What I'm currently Reading - The honest life by Jessica Alba
What I'm currently listening too - Nothing at the moment :( I've been kind of boring aha
What I'm currently watching - Eastenders - I am not usually a soap girl but the Lucy Beale death story line!

Five blogs / vlogs of the week - Made Personal - Hey Claire (This is so beautiful and touching) | Beauty Crush fashion ego - Style Haul (The editing and making of this video is incredible | Holiday Pictures: Saudi Arabia - Make up A-Z (These pictures are absolutely stunning) | A chat with Carrie Fletcher - It's way past my bedtime (Just watch that is all)

Let me know what you have been loving this week. 

Lots of love
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