Review | Crown Brush C443 blending fluff brush

Hey my loves, hope you are all well. Now when it comes to make up brushes I am a bit of a novice. My collection is small and not as varied as some others out there but I have been wanting to change this have been on the hunt of a great brush to use. 

I came across the Crown Brush C443 Pro blending fluff brush* which I was really excited about. I have had my eye on the MAC 217 brush for the longest time and thought I would give this a go before I invested in it. 

The Crown Brush C443 blending fluff brush* as the name suggests is a nice quick blending brush to create great eye looks. I found it really easy to use and work with while creating simple eye looks. It blends the shadows easily and picks up enough of the product which not all blending brushes do.

I like the size of this brush too. I have small eye lids and on first glance I thought this may be a bit too big for my lids but I found it was the perfect size so if you have small eye like me and are looking for an eye brush take a look at this. 

I haven't tried creating any heavy eye looks with this eye look yet mainly because I don't gravitate them on a regular basis but for neutral eye lovers this works really well. 

Quality wise, the brush is on point. You would not be able to tell that this was a budget brush. The handle is a matte black with the brand and number imprinted in it which I love and the bristles which are soft but not too soft do not fall out. It can be a bit scratchy but I have herd the MAC 217 is the same and it is what I think helps pick up the the eye shadow. 

The Crown Brush C443 blending fluff brush* is just £6.99 form their online store and after my first look in to crown brushes, I will definitely be looking in to getting more.

Have you tried any crown brushes?

Lots of love
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