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Happy Friday, something I have realised lately is that time can get ahead of us. With work, blogging, vlogging and wanting to spend time with friends and families it can get a bit overwhelming and can feel like I am getting nothing done. So in a bid to change this I decided to buck up my ideas and get back on track.

One of the ways to do this is to make some monthly goals to make sure I stay on track.

Say Yes
Lots of people have been talking about this lately but I've stopped taking as many risks and putting myself out of my comfort zone recently and this is something that I have to work on otherwise I won't get anywhere.

Spring clean my wardrobe
My room is a hot mess right now and the first thing that needs tackling is cleaning my wardrobe. I am not just talking about smartening it up I am talking about full on deep cleaning the wardrobes.

Go to sleep earlier
I have on average 5-6 hours of sleep and I have to remember that our bodies are not machines and need rest so I plan to try and get to bed a bit earlier.

Read a bit more
I use to read a lot but now I spend so much time on my phone and laptop that before I know it the time I would have spent reading a chapter of my latest book has gone. If you watch my YouTube videos you will see from my background I love books so this upsets me and something I want to change if I can.

and there you have it, the goals I am working on for the month. I might do these once a month on the blog. What do you all think? Do you set yourself monthly goals? 

Lots of love
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