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Hey there sweeties, We live in such a busy face pace world that we be grudge ourselves taking the time to relax and unwind. I have to admit I am the same. It takes me a while to come to the conclusion that I can sit down and watch a TV show or read a magazine without feeling guilty or thinking about my next move.

After starting a job, I have had to adjust to a new routine and manage my time for things that I may have taken for granted such as spending time with family and friends.

Due to this change I have been a bit more conscious about spending time with my loves ones. Not only does it help me mentally (more happier, fun to be around) but it helps you create memories that you can talk about for years and years to come. To me, nothing is worth loosing that for.

I went through a time when I kind of went in to myself which was not fun at all. It was a kind of phunk, not sure I can explain it but I went from being a social person to being pretty much on my phone. It makes such a big difference on the overall quality of your life. 

If you are always on your feet and feel like you are always on the go remember it is ok to sit back and soak up some of the fun things in life from time to time. After having a bit of a breakdown during my last year of uni this is something enjoying life is something I plan to work on a little bit more. 

Have a wonderful day. 

Lots of love
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