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Hey there my loves, hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday. I thought I would share with you some of my highlights this week.

Instagram Pictures - An old picture of me and mama, the yummiest sandwich ever, filming face, Home office. (Follow me on Instagram @Naffy91 for more pictures)

Currently Watching - Sky On Demand - If you live in the UK and have Sky you need to try out the demand section. I stopped watching Revenge at the end of season 1 because life got a little busy but thanks to Sky on Demand I can a binge session of season 2 (I hold my hands up, I watched like 5 in a row one sunday morning) They just put up Game of Thrones too which I am a bit late to party on but feel like I need to watch. They also have lots of films (including Aladdin!) so yeah, that is what I am loving, to watch this week.

Currently Reading - I haven't actually read anything new this month unfortunately. Just my usual Magazines. March has been incredibly busy so I need to get back on the reading this week.

Currently Listening too - Sheryl Sandburg Ted Talk, yes this is a video but I had this on the background while I was doing other things so I still got the message she was saying. Such an incredible inspiration!

Five blogs/ vlogs of the week - GhostParties - (Kate's blog in general has been a pleasure to read this week) | What's in  your make up bag : My mum - Lipsofacto (one of the cutest mothers day blogs I have read) | Nicole x misguided make up tutorial - Tanya Burr (I hadn't watched a make up tutorial in absolutely ages and I fell back in love with them after watching this. Tanya's make up is flawless, full of tips and always on point) | Smoking Gun - Caggie Dunlop ( Beautiful Song, beautiful voice) | Chewy and Crumbly cookies - Sam (Just a yummy looking post to be honest!

Hope you all have had a fabulous week. Let me know what you have been loving this week. 

Lots of love
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