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Hi my loves, yes I know I have been hopping on the Garnier train quite a lot recently but their new launches have been pretty spot on so it is really hard to not fall in love with them!

My latest purchase from them (about a month or two ago) was from their new ultimate blends haircare range.  There are six blends to choose one so there is something for all hair types.

After spending way to long debating the pro and cons of each range I finally went with the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Transformer with Argon and Camellia oil shampoo and conditioner.

I hadn't tried a new shampoo in a new long time so was very excited to try this. I have to say I am enjoying it. The formula although thick in texture is actually quite light on the hair and doesn't weight it down which I like. It is very easy to create a lather with it and a little bit goes a long way.

The two main hair boosting ingredients this range has is the Argon and Camellia oil. I won't spend too long talking about the benefits of Argon Oil in your hair as it is well known but it conditions and nourishes your hair leaving it feeling soft and sleek.

What I was more intrigued by was actually Camellia oil, which I had never herd off before. After doing some research (thank you google) I found out it is also known as Tea Seed Oil and is used in beauty products in China and Japan. It contains fatty acids that you would expect to find in other products such as Olive Oil (which you could use as a hair treatment BEFORE you wash you hair) as well as vitamins A and E.

All of this goodness means that it is perfect if you have dry and dull hair. I have dry hair which can get very frizzy at times and hydration is something I always look for in hair products. This has made such a fabulous difference to the feel of my hair. It feels soft and the ends are not as dry as they use to be. Using this along with my organix root booster has made my hair feel a bit fuller too which I really like.

The only thing I do not like about this shampoo has to be the packaging. The lid is a bit too wide so it means you can actually end up taking out more product than you need. As the formula is quite thick compared to other shampoo's you literally need a small amount and I have long hair!

All in all for the price of £2.79 it is great find and worth trying out for yourself! 

Lots of love
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