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Hey my loves, I have a rather exciting review for you all today. I know the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has been making the rounds on blogs recently but I had to tell you all myself how good it is.

This is the first cleansing water, I have completely fallen in love with. I have tried Bioderma and loved it but the fact this is more accessible and just as good makes me love it even more.

For those of you who have never herd of Micellar waters before, they are waters formulated to help take your make up off at the end of the day. They are better than taking make up off with a wipe and ensure you are left going to bed with some specks of Mascara on your face.

This version from Garnier, literally feels like water on your face. There is no alcohol in it which means instead of drying out your skin it leaves it feeling nourished and hydrated so it is perfect for all skin types.

I use it as a pre cleanse and even before I use my cleanser I feel fresh and make up free. Another thing I love about this is how easy it is on the eyes and lips. I know most make up removers and micellar waters claim to take off your eye make up and lip stick but I have found that in many cases I still need to use an eye make up remover and use water to take my lipstick off first too. I don't have to do that when I use this. It takes my eye make up off without me having to tug at my eyes, drying them out, and on my lips without worrying my lipstick will smear all over my face.

When using this I apply it on cotton pads and I find it works really well. I don't have to tug at my skin to ensure all my make up is removed. I literally just wipe the pads easily all over my face.

My skin has been feeling a lot better recently and although it could be down to some other products I have no doubt the fact that this helps get rid of every inch of my make up allowing my skin to breathe helps.

It also has to be said, I love the packaging, the pink brightens it up and I think that it is round (similar to bioderma packaging) makes it appealing.

Garnier has been wonderful when making this because you get your bang for your buck as you say. For just £3.33 (on special) you get a huge 400ml bottle.

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has become a firm favourite in my skincare routine and I have a feeling will be a favourite for a long time. 

Lots of love
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