Review | First Impressions - Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish

Hi Beauties, I am coming at you with another first impressions post today. I received the Urban Veda Radiance Facial Polish in one of my recent Birchboxes and was excited to give it a try as my skin was dull and on the dry side at the beginning of the year.

The radiance exfoliating facial polish contain Ayurvedic principles which help brighten and boot the skin bringing your skin back to life.

It contains skin friendly ingrediants that you want in a facial polish such as Licorice which is used to help even out your skin tone.

The ingredient that I notice the most and that springs to mind is Tumeric. Tumeric is an active ingrediant in skincare to help many things such as acne, tackling wrinkles and dry skin as well as removing dead skin,  all of which can be seen when using this.

I will admit in comparison to other facial polishes I have used in the past, this is a little bit on the harsh side. Not overly harsh but just something to bare in mind especially if you have sensitive skin.

Facial Polish in general is always part of my skincare routine, however this one is reserved for the colder months or when my skin is extremely dry or dehydrated (which can happen to people in the warmer months too)

This is something in my routine that I will use when my skin is feeling low and needs a boost. You should use about twice a week to see it make a difference.

For just £8.99 from their website, you really cannot go wrong.

Lots of love
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