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Happy Monday! When coming up with the idea for today's post I shocked myself slightly. For as long as I can remember and even to this day I remain a shimmer eye shadow girl. If I am going to be wearing eye shadow I want it to stand out rather than blend in.

I've gotten back in to watching YouTube make up tutorials (FYI - Check out Shaanxo's channel - amazing) and decided to test some looks out. I began starting out my looks with a matte base and realised that I was starting to like the effect it had on my over all eye look just on it's own.

My favourite matte shades come from the Naked Three Palette, I use the shade Nooner as an all over base for most of my eye looks. It gives a little subtle something extra to the eyes.

I then apply the shade which is a matte inner corner highlight shade called strange to brighten my eyes up a little (I always have to an inner corner highlight).

Then, you can't just leave an eye look like that so I apply my go to eye liner of the moment the Skinny eye liner by Eyeko and the current mascara I am using.

And there you go a none offensive everyday look you can rock at work or school to give your eyes that added umph it needs. 

Lots of love
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