The Sunday Post | My Week #10

Instagram Pictures - Blogosphere Magazine | New blogpost | The North West bloggers event with the lovely Rachel | Friendship infinity ring (For more pictures you can find me on Instagram @Naffy91)

Currently Watching - Katie Morton's Mental Health YouTube Channel - This is something that really interests me and Katies video make it more easier to understand mental health issues.

Currently Reading - Blogosphere Magazine -amazing amazing magazine

Currently Listening too - Rizzle Kicks, I've been re listening to their first album, keeps

Five Blogs \ Vlogs - Ghana Vlog - Lily Pebbles (Absolutely incredible to watch a life changing experience) | Starting YouTube - Hello October (Just some very great valuable advice) | Friday Focus - Call of beauty (Brand focus on one of my favourite skincare brands) | 11 years old and vlogging - Zoella ( So adorable and shows she was made to do what she does!) | Chocolate Chia Pudding  - Madeline Shaw (Chocolate that is good for you? yes please!)

That was my week in a nutshell, hope you all have a lovely day, and a fabulous week. 

Lots of love
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