Sunday Post | My week #7

Instagram Pictures - My sister and best friend took part in a fashion show, yummy dinner, probably the best eye liner out there, The sun was shining, Great Quote, Half price Michel Mercier brush! (For more pictures follow me on Instagram)

Currently Reading - I am currently making way through Marie Claire and Cosmo magazine

Currently Watching - I have just finished watching The Lucky One. (What is it about Nicholas Spark
                                  books that makes me weep?)

Currently Listening - I will have to admit I have been playing some old school songs from the spice

Five blogs and blogs of the week - Pixie Woo meet Mark Wright (Just because it shows what a nice guy he actually is) | Follow me around vlog - keeping up with Kell (I don't watch too many vlogs, but I love watching Kellies vlog channel) | How to start YouTube Tips & Tricks - The beauty crush (Advice from one of my favourites is always a must) | What Olivia loved in February - Liv Puvis (Because Olivia is pretty lovely and her blog is no exception.

Lots of love
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