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Happy Saturday beauts, is it just me or has the past week literally zoomed past? If you live in the UK, you will know we have been experiencing a bit of spring. The sun is up (albeit slightly windy) and the days are getting longer.

With the weather comes slight fashion changes. Personally I don't completely change up my wardrobe I just work with what I have but a surprising new addition to my wardrobe has been the mid length skirt. For those of you who know this, this may surprise you, I never use to wear skirts but now I cannot wait for summer to really kick in and get some more. 

I have been looking around online and thought I would show you some of the ones I have my eye on at the moment. 

Want to make a statement but stay sophisticated? A single bold colour skirt will do the trick. This skirt from New Look is high waisted which is flattering very lady like but helps brighten the room up too. 

Denim skater skirts intrigue me. I love how casual yet smart together they can make an outfit look. This one from asos looks great and would go well with a nice printed sweater or t shirt. Again it is high waisted which I personally really enjoy wearing. 

I have a feeling prints are going to be huge this season. Again, something I am working in to my wardrobe. My sister loves her prints so I have been experimenting with her wardrobe pieces to see what it would look like. This one from New look is perfect for when it is sunny with the floral print but wearable on those colder days as it isn't too bright. I really like this one from asos and topshop also do some lovely ones at the moment too so it is worth looking around instead of just buying the first one you see. 

I love how versatile they are. They are not short making them appropiate for a variety of occasions and can be worn in the winter too with leggings and a pair of elegant boots. 

So I guess it is safe to say I need to hide my card before I buy a wardrobe full of skirts. 

Will you be wearing any of these skirts this season? 

Lots of love
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