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Happy Thursday! When it comes to eye primers I am quite lucky in the sense that I do not need to spend an arm and a leg to find one that works for me. I don't have oily eye lids therefore I use an eye primer as more of a base for my shadow rather that something to stop my eye makeup falling down.

This meant I had a dileama, as much as I wanted to try the Urban Decay primer potions but the price tag held me back, so I was extrememly happy that the Naked three came with four sachets of the different variations of the primer potions.

Here is the breakdown of the packets and what I thought of each one.

This was the first one I tried. I had to admit, I was shocked at how thick the consistency of the primer was. The formula is thick so perfect for oily skin as it will stay in place and creates a concrete base for your eye shadow. I can see why everyone really likes it. It blends on the lids easily and a little goes a long way so it is worth looking in too.

Out of all of the formulas this was the one I disliked. It's consistency was extra thick and the shade translated very much on the skin making it hard to blend in. You needed the exact amount otherwise it would mix in with the colour of your foundation altering the shade around the eyes.

Another favourite from the primer potions Sin has a cream eye shadow essence to it. It is a taupe colour which I would actually happily wear on its own. Although still a good consistency it is not as thick as the first two formulas making it more wearable for those who have dry eye lids. It also makes it easier to blend and create a natural eye look with.

I didn't try this one out too much and gave it to my mum but she said she really enjoyed it and it was the same thick consistency as the first two in the package.

All in all liking two of the sachets was not bad going! If you have problem with eye shadow creasing on your eyes or slipping and sliding everywhere it is defniately worth looking in too. 

Lots of love
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