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Happy Monday my loves, if there is something I like to achieve on a regular basis with my make up it is glowy radiant skin. There is just something about it that lifts your entire face.

One of the best ways you can do this is by using a highlighter. I have been testing a few out and have finally worked out what works well for me and for my skin.

The formula
The thing to look at is the formula. Is it s cream highlighter? is it in powder form? Is it chunky? Does it look natural? These are all questions I ask myself. If you are a cream kind of girl, I would definitely check out the Benefit Watts up highlighter. It is lightweight, blends easily and naturally. For all you powder girls out there I would check out the highlighter that comes with the Sleek Contour kit. This was my first highlighter and it has been well loved.

Chunky and shimmer highlighting formula's are not subtle at all. These are the formula's I would personally reserve for a special occasion when you are maybe wearing a bit more. The Urban Decay Naked highlighter sums this up perfectly for me. It looks absolutely beautiful in the pan but when you swatch it appears too shimmery and would be something I might save for a big event.

The shade
Picking the right shade of highlighter can be quite tricky. Highlighters can typically come in a pink, gold or bronze shade. Test a few out on your face to see which one suits you and your skin tone. It is mainly down to personal preference. Personally, I like more of golden shimmer (think Benefit's Sunbeam or MAC's Soft&Gentle.) but the MUA undress your skin highlighter is a  slightly chunky pink which I feel does not suit my skin but is perfect if you have a fairer skintone to me.

The finish
My personal view of a highlighter is to simply pump up dull skin. You apply it on the pars of your face where the sun would naturally give you a bit of a glow (on your nose, top of your cheeks and temples are my main places to apply it) It adds a nice warmth and radiance to your skin.

Personally, highlighters are one of my favourite make up products to use and is now a make up staple.
What do you think?

Lots of love
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