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Happy Friday, my loves, I thought I would  do something different today and tell you a little bit of what I did on Sunday.

A lovely blogger Hannah decided to reach out to other bloggers in the north west region and organise a get together at the Hard Days Night hotel in Liverpool, for us to meet, and enjoy ourselves. There are plenty of bloggers in the area so it was nice to finally meet some of them and get to know them a little bit more.

I went to the event with Cat, Fran, Rachel , Amy and Natalie who I have the pleasure of calling friends. We didn't know what to expect but I think it is safe to say from the moment we entered the room we loved it.

At first we were greeted by the lovely Hannah along with some lovely yunmy food. Krispy Kreme doughnuts, pop chips, cupcakes and jelly beans. All of which I love so I was happy!! 

We also got to meet brands from the region which I really like because I feel there is so much going on in the North West but they can pass you by unless you are aware of them.

My favourite stand had to be Lush. The Liverpool (where the event was held) lush is a lot bigger and has a spa attached to it compared to its Manchester stores which I love but they are a bit smaller and without a spa. I was intrigued and fascinated by the treatments and will definitely be something I will be looking in too in the future. 

Lush also had its excellence make up range which they told us is based on your personality. They believe the colours you gravitate towards says something about you as a person.  I hadn't seen much of their make up range before so I spent a while at the counter as I love hearing the history behind cosmetic brands and they had a lot to say so I soaked it all in. 

There were also plenty of jewellery stalls from independent sellers. There were some beautiful pieces and I enjoyed looking at how creative jewellery makers are. They were called teardrops and had some beautiful pieces. 

Another stand which I was surprised at was the Nucerity skincare line. The Nu Cerity line is a peel that is ment to be used a serum and it smelt amazing. At first it was a bit medicinal but once on the skin it smells like apples (which I love). They have had great reviews so it is worth checking out. The assistant only put a little bit on my hand so I can't say it works but it didn't irritate my skin and peeled off well.

The day also included a fun photo section as well as demonstrations from St Moritz and A local hair dresser who specialise in bridal hair. She did a quick hair style on Rachel who looked fabulous! 

Overall it was a great day meeting others from the region who love blogging just as much as I do. It's nice meeting people who share your passions and hobbies so I was glad to meet so many of them.

A huge thank you to Hannah and Frances for organising such a beautiful event. 

Lots of love
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