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Hi my loves, another month, another favourite posts. I am really excited to write this months as I discovered some gems that I am eternally grateful for. I was stuck in a bit of a rut towards the end of last year but I am now happy to say it has passed and I am excited for what I have in store for you all.

Now on to the favourites....

Beauty Favourites 

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms | Review Here | Buy Here
Now, if you know me, read my tweets or follow me in Instagram this will not be a shock. I have pretty much been exclusively wearing this lip offering for the entire month. I now have three shades (Sultry, Standout and Shameless) Seriously hands down the best lip offerings on the high street at the moment.

Weleda Skin Food | Review Here | Buy Here
This gem is a sample and I usually would not have a sample in my favourites when it comes to skincare as I feel you need time to give a full review of skincare and usually sample sizes are too small to do this with however as you only need a small amount each application of this I can say I was pleasantly surprised with how much my skin liked this. I thought the herbal scent would put me off but it really didn't.

Eyeko Skinny mini Eye Liner | Review Here | Buy Here
I only just put up my review of this eye liner yesterday, so I won't bore you all with how much I like this eye liner. I will say this is close to becoming a holy grail product (I word that is hardly used on this blog)

Stila in the light Palette | Buy Here
I had my eye on this beauty for the longest time but restrained myself from getting it. When I received some extra birthday money the end of January it was re making it's way around blogs again and consequently on the top of wish list so I bit the bullet and purchased it. I am so glad I did. It has the perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades. The pigmentation, even though I expected good things, but it seriously rivals Urban Decay in buttery consistency in my opinion. If you think the Naked 1 palette, which has similar shades, is a bit much for your budget I would highly recommend this.

Non Beauty Favourites

I probably have mentioned this before but I have a seriously addiction to blueberries. I have them in porridge on their own or with other fruits and biscuits. I recently had to have some tests done where I struggled to eat and I had a serious cravings for these.

Mint Chocolate 
This is my junk food vice! If you are near an Aldi I would seriously advise you to pick some of these up. Perfect chocolate that rivals the bigger brands and are just as good ingredients wise (unless you buy completely organic chocolate which unfortunately my budget doesn't always allow for)

I've been using honey a lot and it can be a bit expensive so I wanted to show you this offering that you can pick up from Aldi. It is lovely, sweet and is natural too, unlike some other honeys at that price. If you like Accacia honey this is just as nice in tea.

This may be a bit strange to add in to my favourites but I have been spending a bit more time at my grandma's house and in tern with my extended family. We also had a family wedding where I got to catch up with lots of family. I just took a look back and realised how blessed I was to have so many lovely people in my life.

And that is what I have been loving this month. Over all February has been a good month for me and I hope you all enjoyed it too.

Lots of love
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