Sunday Post | My Week #6

Instagram Pictures - Goofing around with my sister <3, My laptop case is slowly breaking, Birthday present from the sister, selfie at the doctors waiting for my appointment, New purchases. (for more pictures check out my instagram @Naffy91)

Currently reading - I caught up with the lovely Olivia's blog. It's full of beautiful pictures and great posts. I had a huge mega reading session on it. 

Currently watching - There are not many programmes that I watch but one that I saw a double bill off with my parents is NCIS LA I love crime like shows and this one is great. 

Five blogs & vlogs - Olivia's blog is just all around beautiful | Living with Anorexia (A great read about a misunderstood illness) | NYFW Vlogs - Claire Marshall (I don't normally watch a lot of vlogs but I really enjoyed this one) | What men think - Pixiwoo (A pixiwoo video, need I say more?!) | What is in my bag - LFW edition - Hayley (Because I am genuinely very intrigued about what people carry with them - especially at big events) 

What have you been loving this week? 

Lots of love
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