Sunday Post | My Week #5

Instagram Pictures - Relaxing night blog reading/ tbt wedding times with the best friend/ One cold morning/ My friends charity event/ DIY Friday post (You can find more pictures @Naffy91) 

Currently watching - Estee from Essiebutton has a vlog channel with her boyfriend and adorable dog Regee. I don't watch a ton of daily vlogs but I have been watching all of the ones on her channels pretty religiously.

Currently Reading - A book called Thamima Anam called The Good Muslim.

Five vlogs and blogs of the week - Dear Carrie - Tom Mcfly (Just because this is both cute and hilarious at the same time) | Valentines Day make up with Daniel Sandler - Amelia Liana (Everything about this is stunning) | Blogging advice 101 - London Beauty Queen (one of the best bloggers giving advice) | Lime crime lipstick collection - Tattooed tea lady (I have always wanted to try lime crime lipsticks and this has helped me a lot) | My failed attempts at stopping to care about what people think. - Megan Phelps (Because I found this interesting to read. I have been trying to figure out how not to worry about what people think.)

Lots of love
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