Sunday Post | My Week #4

Instagram Pictures -  Birthday goodies (lucky girl), Dark Chocolate and lots of it, Thank you msg, Watching YouTube videos, a great quote. 

Currently watching - My friend Joanne has gotten me in to the series Ravenswood. It is the spin off show to Pretty Little Liars and is confusing, spooky, jaw dropping yet amazingly good.

Currently reading - The autobiography of Lisa Maxwell.

Currently Listening - I've been liking soundtracks at the moment.

Five blog / vlog posts - How to have a good bad day - Refinery 29 (Yes, you herd right, it is a great read) / NARssist eye shadow palette - Tattoo tealady (Probably one of the most exciting launches to happen so far this year. / The Crew - Style haul (made me laugh good feel good watch) / How sugar affects your body - The lean machines (probably one of the most informative health YouTube videos I have watched) / Behind the scenes of Danny Jones and Georgia Horseley's photo shoot - Hello Mag. (Ngl, one of the cutest all northern couple) 

Lots of love
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