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Get the look for less
Hey my loves, today is Saturday, which for many of you will mean a lie in and possibly some shopping. I love shopping just as much as the next girl but when it comes to clothes it takes me a while to actually go to buy something. It is quite rare for me to go in to shop and buy the first thing I see. (It is something that annoys my mum and sister when I am shopping with them, they are such enablers!)

Anyway, the two things I look in clothes are price and quality so I thought I would show you how I would create a look similar to the one above on a budget.

First of all lets look at the jacket. I love me a leather jacket but I don't wear them enough to justify the big price tags. The more budget alternatives are not the best quality however George from Asda do some brilliant ones. This quilted biker jacket is just £28 and looks fabulous! (I may actually going to go search for this today)

Tartan has been HUGE this season and I really cannot see this changing anytime soon. It is so versatile and personally I enjoy the way Tartan can fix everything together. It goes well with a leather jacket too. Boohoo, have many to choose from but I like this one as it sinches in the waist so if you are petite it doesn't look too oversized which some can. Another bonus is that it is under £20!

Ok, I have an admission to make, I am usually wearing leggings. I am not wearing leggings I am wearing skinny jeans. With the cold winter we are having I refuse to stop wearing leggings so set about looking at a couple of pairs that were thicker for me to invest in. I know the Zara ones have been making the round and I can see why. They are great quality, durable and will last you for at least a couple of season. Thats to Tesco, however I have found a more purse friendly option which are just as good. I have had these for most of the year and wear them all the time. At £14.00 they are incredible. I will actually be getting another pair and one for my sister as she keeps taking mine.

The last part of any outfit but just as crucial when having an over look are the shoes. Personally, I can find it hard finding it hard shoe shopping. I have weird feet but I recently found New Look shoes fit me quite well. They also have an incredible range boots at the moment. For this outfit a grey pair like this would look really good but equally I love these boots with a chunky heel to go with it.

To end off the outfit a bag is a huge part of most girls outfits. My bag obsession (although I don't own too many) is inherited from my mum. With this particular out I would go out shopping or hanging out with my friends so I would probably take a medium sized bag. A cross shoulder bag like this one from ASOS is kind of perfect for the look and for comfort. The leather is soft and it is roomy so you can fill it with everything you need too. At £34.00 this is not too pricey but priced enough you can rest be assured that the quality is good.

All in all I really like this look and would be something I would personally wear. What do you think? what are your thoughts on my outfit choice?

Lots of love
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