Review | Saint Grapes Aqua Bliss natural face and body scrub

Hey beauties, today's review is another product from Saint Grape. I've tried a couple of their products so far and I have enjoyed using them. This one is no different.

The first thing I noticed about the scrub is the texture. Instead of the grainy texture you would expect from a scrub it is more thick and mousse like. I did like this as it allows for the scrub to absorb in to the skin. I have to admit I prefer the grainier scrubs as it allows me feel it is doing what I want it to do but if you have sensitive skin but have dry skin this is a great alternative.

It has a mixture of mineral sea salt and natural oils which rejuvinate and heal the skin. The oil also helps to moisturise the skin while you are in the shower.

Like the foot scrub the scent of the body scrub has a herbal scent which I think comes from Lavender and I actually find it calming and relaxing which you want to feel while taking a shower or bath.

It does say you can use it on your face but I haven't tried to use it on my face yet so I can't comment on that. There does not seem to be anything harsh in the scrub so if you want to try it on your face it may be work trying.

It retails on the Saint Grape body scrub* for £12.00 which is about the price of most high street body scrubs. Overall, it is not the best scrub I have used but I did enjoy using this and will use it all up. 

Lots of love
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