Wednesday Ramblings | February Wishlist

Beautysets - February wish list
MAC All fired up | Buy here
I've been catching up on Sammi from the beauty crush's YouTube video's and her lipstick is always fabulous! When I notice something like that I am one of those people who will check the description bar to see if she has named what lipstick she uses and this was it. The All fired up lipstick is a retro matte finish and was already on my radar but its beauty means there is a big chance this will be my next MAC lipstick.

Bobbi Brown corrector | Buy here
Now this exact item I do not want. I swatched this last week and it looked really cakey on me but I am still looking for something similar and I have herd Soap and Glory kick ass concealer is a good alternative so it is on my radar to try. 

Too Faced chocolate palette | Buy here
I swatched this and fell in love. The shades are wonderful and this entire palette smells of chocolate. Need I say more?

YSL Lipstick shade 14 | Buy here
Laura used this on her wedding day and after seeing her wedding videos I cannot help but think this is the perfect red lipstick. Red lipsticks are my favourite to wear and this would be very welcomed and loved in my collection. 

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream | Buy here
I am on the hunt for a good hydrating eye cream. I have a couple I want to try first but this is on my list to try. 

What is on your list to try? 

Lots of love
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