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Happy Monday my loves, I don't know if you noticed but there has been a bit of pink revival in the make up world recently. I am not sure if it because of Valentines Day or wishful wanting of spring. In any chance the colour a 15 year old me would have despised has crept in to my make up stash so I thought I would show you the products you may want to use if you wanted a pink girly make up look.

NARS Deep Throat Blush | Buy Here
I haven't mentioned this in a while but if you are looking for a slight flush on pink on the cheeks this is the one. It is a bit expensive but it lasts all the day and the blush itself lasts for a very long time making it a great investment blush. If you are wanting a more budget friendly option Pink Lemonade from Sleek is a great alternative. I have my eyes on.

Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick shade 'As you want Victoria' | Buy Here
I feel like I need every single bold shade in this range. Immensely pigmented, creamy, long lasting As You Want Victoria is a fuschia pink shade that I have been wearing. If you based your lipsticks based on seasons this is perfect for spring but personally I wear this all year around.

Revlon Colour burst matte balm in Sultry | Buy Here
So I have talked about this on Twitter a lot as well as did a review on this last week so I will keep this short. If you don't like bold lip shades but want something long lasting and not drying on your lips this is a great option.

Sleek Romance Palette | Buy Here
Unfortunately, this is a limited edition palette so not all Sleek stands will carry it but if you live near a big Sleek stand you may still be able to find it. You can still definitely get it on the Sleek website. If is a palette filled with purple and pink shades mainly full of shimmer.

Urban Decay Naked Three Palette | Buy Here
For a palette that is more accessible (albeit a lot more pricey) is the Urban Decay Naked Three Palette. I plan to have a review for this up on Thursday but this beautiful offering from eye shadow giants Urban Decay does not need a big introduction. It is a palette full of buttery easy to wear pink neutral shades.

All in all, I am really enjoying the shade pink in my make up collection at the moment and will no doubt be adding to it. 

Lots of love
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