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Happy Friday lovely ladies, I did have a great DIY post ready for you all but unfortunately I am ill so time got ahead of me. Instead of not posting, I thought it may be useful to tell you some of the places you can pick up some bits and pieces to do your own DIY projects. Sometimes, I think DIY can seem rather daunting and like a waste of time. I wont lie, some projects are time consuming but they are so worth doing!

To make it slightly easier I thought I would tell you some of the places you can pick up some of bits and bobs.

The Works
For those of you on a budget The Works is a great place to find some pieces for as little as a point. You can get felt tip pens, sketch pads, stickers, coloured papers at reasonable prices too. It is the first place I go just to see if I can find anything on my list.

If you are doing something more intricate and need specific items hobbycraft is the place to go. It pretty much stocks everything you need for a DIY project. Price-wise, it isn't too expensive, but it isn't too cheap either. I love looking down the isles to see what this store has.

Ok, so you will notice that I am a big advocate of supermarket clothing (George from Asda, F&F from Tesco) but I also always browse their homeware, stationary and book isles. You can find some true gems there all at a good price. Asda is especially good at finding things you may need for DIY projects.

Sorry this is short but I hope this will help you all find where to look for things to do those DIY projects you have in your head. Happy making!

Lots of love
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