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DIY Jewellery

Happy Friday my loves, today I've been looking in to jewellery. I haven't make jewellery since I was in school and was never really good at it so I decided to look in to doing it again.

I still need to get a few bits and bobs to make it but I wanted to show you some inspirations incase you wanted to do the same thing. Home made jewellery makes a great gift for a friends birthday or for your mother on mothers day.

I have been getting in to pinterest a lot lately. It is a great way to gain some inspiration whether you are doing some decorating, cooking up a lovely dinner or putting together an outfit. It is also quite good for showing you how to make some lovely bracelets. It is definitely a good way to get your creative juices going.

I also went to the hobbycraft website to see what they had and surprising it gave me some ideas of differant things from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. They have some beautiful pendants and chains which are not too expensive.

I will not be attempting this anytime soon but I cam across this tutorial for earrings and it looks really good! The pictures of the finished earrings genuinely look like something you may find in a store!

Ok so YouTube is brilliant for so many things. One of them is tutorials on things such as make up, jewellery . When it comes to arts and crafts one of my favourites to gain some inspiration from is Andrea. Her ideas are cute, unique, usually budget friendly and very easy to understand and follow.

Now if only I could find that spare piece of wire I can get started. Happy jewellery making everyone!

Lots of love
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