Wednesday Ramblings | January Wish List 2014

Beautysets - January wish list

Urban Decay Naked Three | Buy Here
If you don't own the Naked Three Palette chances are it will be on your wishlist. The pink toned shades absolutely beautiful and different to any palette I currently own.

TheBalm Nude Tude Palette | Buy Here
This has already been on a previous wishlist which kind of shows how much I am lusting after it aha. I know this will be my next 'big purchase' at £25.00 it is not actually badly priced. My hesitation in buying it came from the fact I can't physically swatch it but I feel like in this instance I will be looking beyond that.

La Roche Posay Hand Cream | Buy Here
I have seen this on  a couple of blogs. I am a hand cream junkie and having suffered from eczema on my hands earlier. I really want to give this a go as a night time treatment before bad.

Lancome L'absolu velours intense lip cream velvet matte | Buy Here
I read about this on Beautyzine and I was immidediatly intrigued. The next time I went to a boots I had a swatch and the pigmentation on these are incredible. It seems to be like a liquid lipstick (Similar to the Rimmel Apocalips) The application process looks quite easy compared to others I have seen in the past.

Jo Malone Peony, blush and suede perfume | Buy Here
When I went to the Vogue Fashion Night Out with Rachel, we hit the Jo Malone counter in Harvey Nichols to have a look at what they had to offer. The assistant showed us their latest scent and I have not been able to get it out of my head since. It is the perfect daytime scent. Fresh and young without being too young. 

Lots of love
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