Wednesday Ramblings | January Favourites 2014

Hey there my loves, can you believe that we are coming to the end of January already? They don't lie when they can that time flies do they? 

The end of the month means that It is time for me to tell you some of the things. I have been loving this month. I will warn you there are not too many new discoveries this month but next month expect a bit of a list.

Beauty Favourites

Lip combination 
I wear this all year round but I hadn't worn this particular combination in a while and re discovered it mind January. It is MAC's Fall Out Fabulous paired with Gosh Lip liner in red danger. It looks absolutely flawless, the colour is stunning and the lasting power of this combo means I don't have to worry about scurrying around the bottom of my handbag looking for it to retouch my lips. 

ESPA 24 hour replenishing eye cream | Review Here
ESPA is fast becoming my favourite Skincare brand. I won't speak too much about this sample as I reviewed it yesterday but it was a delight to use.

Non Beauty Favourites

Fujifilm S4240 | Buy Here 
Now if you follow me on Twitter you many know that it was my birthday yesterday. I was looking for a camera for the longest time and was kindly gifted as an early birthday present and it had pretty much been attached to me ever since. It takes incredible pictures. I've started to take my blog pictures on it now and although my pictures are far from perfect but I hope you can start to see the difference. 

Pears | Buy Here
So I have a sweet tooth. A big sweet tooth which can be a bit of pain as eating lots of sugary things is not just bad for you physically but also mentally. Setting aside the sugar debate I've been eating a lots of pears. Pears are a sweet fruit which hit the spot bang ok when I need a bit of a lift. I've been eating at least two a day so it is safe to say I am hooked. 

Diary 2014 | Buy Here
Part of my organisation is having a diary. One of my reasons for loving the new year is being able to buy new stationsy as geeky as it sounds I love buying it. Notebooks are a weakness of mine. It took me a while to settle on a diary but I really liked this one from Ryman. Paper chase have some nice ones but unfortunately I don't love quite as close to a store.

What are you loving this month? 

Lots of love
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