Sunday Post | My Week #4

Happy Sunday! wow as if we are three weeks in to the new year?! Writing these posts every week has made me even more aware of how fast time is moving. Anyway, here are some of the things I have been up too this week.

Instagram Pictures - New bits from Revlon, Me pulling funny faces, Because I like matching dishes, one of my favourite quotes of the week. (If you would like to see me my instagram is Naffy91)

Currently Reading - This months Allure Magazine. It took me forever to get hold of it this month due to the holidays. I literally checked every day at my local newsagents if it had arrive, now the person who owns the shop doesn't even have to ask which magazine I am looking for. What can I say? I am obsessed.

Currently Watching - I have been ending some of my days this week with an episode of friends before bed and it reminds me of uni because it is exactly what I would do to relax after a long day. I have also been loving Revenge! I am a season two at the moment (I know season three is on E4) Since One Tree Hill, there hasn't been a TV programme I completely immersed myself in but I cannot just watch one episode of this on it's own - I watch at least 2 or 3, which in itself speaks volumes about the show.

Currently Listening - I have been catching up with the high tea cast pod cast this month. I like to have this playing when I am out and about or just doing chores around the house. More soothing and makes me laugh than music.

Five blogs / vlogs of the week - Moisturiser Roundup #1 - Ghostparties (Kate + Skincare recommendations = needs I say more?!) / Kristen Mae Channel (I just discovered Kristen channel and love it.)/ Vlogs by Kendra ( I stumbled across Kendra's channel a while ago but recently I have been loving every video of hers I have watched./ MAC's spring collection (I am not usually one for a MAC collection but they have been hitting it out of the park recently. 

Lots of love
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