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Happy Saturday! If you are reading this and about to head out to do shopping let me remind you to wrap up warmly and wear a coat.

Personally, I love wearing layers. Winter fashion is one of the reasons I love the season. This year is colder than most so it is more important to look after yourself and wear what is necessary rather than simply what is fashionable. However, I know, some of you will not want to do that and will choose a lighter coat because it looks cute, not because of its practicality.

I decided to show and tell you that you can do both. You can be stylish and fashionable whilst wrapping up warm and being snug. Here are two different style of coats I wear this time of the year. One, I would choose if it was not too cold outside or if I needed to look a bit smarter. (for instance heading to an interview) You want to know something? This didn't actually cost the earth as some coats do. I paid £25 for this from Primark and I have had it for at least two years now!

The second option is actually my favourite and my sisters too (she hijacked it for most of November and December) It has a fleace lining on the inside keeping you warm while you are waiting for the train or a lift. (unless you drive of course) The hood stays on nicely and it sinches in at the wait so it doesn't drown you out. I have mentioned this coat to you before but I had to mention it again as there are so many variations of it and something you cannot go wrong with. I got mine this time last year from the F&F range at Tesco. I paid about £30 for it, if I remember rightly. I cannot find the exact style in stock anymore BUT here are the coats they currently have. I really like the quality, it washes well and has lasted me for a year with signs of it still going strong.

Both coats go well with casual or smart casual outfits. You can wear both coats with a paid of leggings or converse as well as with a pair of boots. If you are looking for a over all great coat you don't have to spend a lot.

P.S - The pictures of me wearing this coat are quite old but I will do more OOTD posts for you all.

Where do you get your winter coats from? 

Lots of love
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