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Happy Saturday! If you know me, this may not come as much as a shock but I love a good handbag. A good quality handbag makes me feel a lot more put together. It doesn't have to be designer just like my clothes it really just depends on the quality. Saying this, recently I have found myself watching YouTube hauls and ending up on websites looking at different bags out there so I decided I would make a wishlist that I could look back on and perhaps work towards achieving. 

Michael Kors Selma Grommet Satchel bag | Buy Here
Oh Michael Kors, you make some beautiful handbags don't you?! The Selma collection is my favourite and especially this one. I love the simplicity, sophistication and elegance of this. 

Kate Spade Nylon Adora Black and White | Buy Here
Kate Spade is probably not somewhere I will be shopping as it is a bit hard to find in the UK but a girl can dream. I love Kate Spade as a designer and this is one of the smart but fun handbags that I could see myself wearing everyday. It is perfect for summer and days in the park. 

Tory Burch Robinson Zig Zag Adjustable Chain bag | Buy Here
Ahhhh, Tory Burch is absolutely beautiful! I love everything in their collection from the accessories. This particular bag would be for days I didn't need to carry out so many things in it. How beautiful are all the colours and the gold designer. 

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC | Buy Here
So I think this is the most well known bag from this list. The Rebecca Minkoff bag is exactly what a girls dream are made off. Soft, big enough to carry everything you need, light and go with everything. I have seem so many people say how amazing it is. Every time someone mentions it, I fell in love with it even more. 

You don't need to spend a lot on handbags at all and to be honest these are all on the lower scale of designer handbags but to me they are the prettiest. 

What is your dream handbag? 

Lots of love
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