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Happy Thursday! would you believe up until this year I have never owned a body butter from The Body shop? I mean how crazy is that? I finally got my act together and went to see what all the fuss is all about.

I got a set of three mini pots and the first one I have tried is the coconut scent and oh man the smell is heavenly. It gives off the warm luxurious scent of coconut which is also refreshing rather than being over powering.

The consistency is thick, which is expected in a body butter but unlike other body butters out there it absorbs in to your skin with ease. You can apply this after your shower and not feel sticky when you go on to put your clothes on. This is something that I look for as it annoys me if I have to wait for my moisturiser to sink in to my skin.

It is very nourishing and moisturising. I definitely feel like my skin is a lot more smoother after using this. Perfect indulgence in the colder months. That combined with a lovely scent makes it feel almost spa like.

I decided to get the minis (I itch to try out new products all the time) and I have a feeling that this will last me at least a couple of months. A little goes a long way so if you are on a budget but want to try it out I would suggest finding a scent you like a mini form. (They are usually on a stand near the lip butters at the counter) 

The larger version of the body butter is £13.00 and the mini pots are £5.00.

Do you love The Body Shop body butters? What scent should I check out next?

Lots of love
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