DIY Friday | A scrapbook full of memories

Happy Friday my loves. Have you ever wanted to store your memories or store pictures so you can look back in time and remember the adventures you have had over the years? While I was at university I realised that time was slipping away so I decided to do something about it.

By doing something about it, I do not mean stopping time (home girl ain't got the skills for that) but I decided to store as many memories as I could. I did this two ways. One of the ways is through making a scrapbook. If you are creative and like visual things this is a perfect way to keep yourself 1 - busy on a project and 2 - It is a clean way to organise and store pictures, posters you want to keep.

Most people get put off from making them because they can take time and people think you need a lot of equipment but honestly all you need a good book and some coloured pens maybe some coloured paper and you are good to go.

Hope you like this and let me know if you have ever made a scrapbook and if so how. 

Lots of love
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