DIY Friday | Nutella hot chocolate

Happy Friday! it is officially January which makes me very happy (it is my birthday month) I thought I would start this new series off by showing you a yummy treat .

Up until about a couple of years ago I never enjoyed hot chocolate. I always associated it with watery instant stuff you get from vending machines. That was until I came across the fact I can make it my own way at home. It is super easy and takes literally a couple of minutes.

There are plenty of variations of this you can make but I decided to make it this time using this Nutella.

What you need
A mug
A saucepan
A wooden spoon
A mug full of milk
A tbsp of Nutella

What I do is first pour the milk in to my mug so I know that it is exactly the amount that I would like to drink. If you are making it more than one person you can do this as many times as you need to. I just find it is a bit better than eye balling it so there isn't any waste.

After that I put it in the sauce pan and let it warm it up for a little bit before adding the Nutella. It can be a bit thick so if you want to speed it it up a little put the tbsp of the butter in a microwavable bowl and warm in in the microwave for about 30 seconds. After that is done you just add it in the sauce pan give it a mix let it warm up and then voila it is ready to be poured in to your mug and then devoured.

If you don't like Nutella, you can do the same thing with your favourite chocolate spread.

I am going to go grab some biscuits so I can devour this goodness. Let me know if you give it a try!

Lots of love
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