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Happy Friday my loves, welcome to a new feature on the blog. One of things I want to focus on achieving is living in the moment and focusing on the good things rather than just on the bad things that happen in life. I saw so many versions of what I am calling the gratitude jar. I fell in love with the idea so much that I decided to make my version of this for this year.

If you do not know what a Gratitude Jar is, it is basically a jar where you write something good that happened each day on a piece of paper. You place that piece of paper in the jar and at the end of the year you can read through them.

The aim is to remind you that not everything in your life is bad.

Now on to the making....

It is cheap and simple to do.

What you need

What I did first was get the main part of the jar started. I took one of the tags and using my scrap piece of paper outlined it in pink. I used a straight edge to make sure it was equal but that is because I like things to be precise. 

To add some colour with the green pen I wrote on the tag ' Gratitude Jar' I really like the combination of pink and free but any two colours will do. 

Then with Sellotape I find where I want to place it and stick it on. I went for the middle as I thought it was the best place for them. 

Now you can be a bit creative and decorate the rest of the jar. You could just leave it there but I feel it would look nicer with more pieces. I found these at a stor call the works and thought they looked good. I really like the butterfly silver stickers. 

Then voila after you've placed all your pieces on the jar you can start adding your pieces of paper in to the jar and put it up in your room. 

I also pre cut some pieces of plain card so I can start adding some words of gratitude in the jar. 

The aim is to re read them and share it with you all at the end of the year. If you are thinking of making one, it is really easy to do and takes no time at all. 

Good luck! And let me know what you think. 

Lots of love
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