Skincare Sunday - Footcare

Happy pamper day my loves AKA Sunday. How are you all? Now, for someone who is somewhat in to beauty (who are we kidding obsessed is probably a better word) one thing I don't really do is have a bath, pamper or any of those things simply because I do not really have the time.

Sometimes however, you have to force yourself to make the time, not only to help you mentally but other times you skin and requires it. This evening for me is one of those times. Without giving you too much information my feet have been feeling quite dry and I am realising I need more than my regular routine to rectify the problem.

What is my plan of action? well I will be prepping my feet with a foot scrub (this one from St Grapes* is my current choice)  and then using both the Garnier Ultimate beauty oil along with my Soap and Glory body butter. I have had this in storage for a while and feel like the combination will work well together.

The key is to IMMEDIATELY put on a pair of socks. Primark do some really lovely winter ones but any socks you like will work. This will keep the moisture in tact and in tern absorb in to your feet keeping them moisturised throughout the evening.

I will report back on Twitter and Instagram but over all I have a good feeling this will work.

How do you look after your feet?

Lots of love
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