Skincare Sunday - The bedside edition

Happy Sunday, hope you're all well. I know I have shown you my morning and evening skincare routine. (Which are pretty similar if I am being honest) but there is a bit of my routine that I have not spoken to you about.

This is the bit that takes place after I leave the bathroom and snuggle up in bed. My bedroom in an attic which means that it can cold and take it's toll on my skin. To counteract this, I keep a stash of products on my bedside table. Nothing major but it makes sure my skin in hydrated enough throughout the evening.

The first thing is hand cream. About four years ago my hands suffered from dermititis which is a form of eczema. It was horrible and something I want to make sure never ever happens to me again. My hands still get really dry so before I go to bed, I use a heavy hand cream that is moisturising and nourishing on the skin. The one I am currently using is by NEOM*. It has a strong scent so I decided to keep it for the evening and so far it is doing the job well.

The second and last thing beauty related that I keep on my bedside table would be a lip balm. Dry lips are a pain and I am never without a lip balm of some kind. My mum would tell you all I have one surgically attached to me. I keep my Korres lip butter in pomegranate is moisturising and I genuinely wake up with nourishing lips.

Using both of these just before I go to bed helps me relax before reading a book and getting a good nights sleep.

Do you keep any products on your bedside table?

Lots of love
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