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Technology wish list

Hey everyone, hope the beginning of 2014 is treating you all and you had a fabulous New Years. I thought for this weeks Rambling Wednesday I thought I would show you a technology wish list I made. There is something about blogging that made me get in to photography more.

Recently, I have been wanting to get more in to photography and in turn doing research about cameras and equipment. Here is the dream wishlist. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC-110 16MP | Buy Here
This is the dream digital camera. I have seen it in action and you can edit, take incredible quality pictures and upload them straight away. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 | Buy Here
I know it seems every one and their dog wants a polaroid camera but I have wanted one since I was child. I love the idea of getting an instant print out of a picture and the vintage feel that come with them. 

Canon EOS 600d | Buy Here
Yes, I know I know but how could I not include this in my wishlist. I have seen so many people say how incredible this camera is. I have seen incredible pictures being produced from it. I am far from being able to afford this but it is the dream. 

Studio photo lighting | Buy Here
In England, it is extremely hard to figure out lighting and timing can be a bit a pain so good lighting is kind of essential for good quality pictures. It doesn't have to expensive and something you would only need if you want to extend your hobby but it is something I have personally considering. 

One of my aims is to learn more about photography as it is something I enjoy. Do you have any tips?

                                                                       Lots of love
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